Ucluelet (District) / Florencia Bay / Kennedy Lake / Loudoun Channel / Maggie Lake / Quisitis Point / Toquart Bay

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Ucluelet, BC (Nearby: Port Albion, Hitacu, Tlakmaqis, Chenatha, Salmon Beach)

  • Florencia Bay
  • Kennedy Lake
  • Loudoun Channel
  • Maggie Lake
  • Quisitis Point
  • Toquart Bay
  • Ucluelet

200 Main Street
Ucluelet, British Columbia
V0R 3A0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

Description From Owner:
  • Florencia Bay - In December 1860 HMS Fonvard was towing the badly damaged Peruvian brig Florencia from Nootka to Victoria when bad weather and boiler trouble forced the gunboat to cast off the tow. As a result the Florencia was wrecked here.
  • Kennedy Lake - After Arthur Edward Kennedy (1810-83), the third and last Governor of Vancouver Island (1864-6).
  • Knighted in 1868, he was successively Governor of the West African settlements, Hong Kong, and Queensland. (Also KENNEDY ISLAND at the mouth of Skeena River.)
  • Loudoun Channel - The Imperial Eagle, the ship in which Captain Barkley sailed into Barkley Sound in 1787, was originally named the Loudoun.
  • Maggie Lake - After a male Indian, whose claim to have discovered it was regarded with suspicion by the locals.
  • Quisitis Point - From the Nootka Indian word meaning 'other end of beach.'
  • Toquart Bay - From a Nootka Indian word meaning 'people of the narrow place in front,' or 'people of the narrow channel.'
  • Ucluelet - From the Nootka Indian wor meaning 'people of the sheltered bay,' referring to the well-protected landing place for canoes.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Toquart Bay

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Ucluelet (District) / Florencia Bay / Kennedy Lake / Loudoun Channel / Maggie Lake / Quisitis Point / Toquart Bay, Phone : (250) 726-7744

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  • Wickaninnish Bay

  • It appears that the name Wickinanish's Sound was given in 1787 by Captain Barkley, a maritime fur trader. Wickaninnish was the hereditary name of the great chief of the Clayoquot Indians. A few years later, the same chief plotted to capture Captain Gray's ship Columbia by bribing a Hawaiian member of the crew to wet the priming of the firearms (which were constantly kept loaded) so that defence would be unavailing. Fortunately the plot was discovered and the would-be murderer frustrated. Apparently the local Indians were known by the same name as their chief, for John Jewitt, in his account of his captivity in 1803-5, speaks of 'the Wickanninish, a large and powerful tribe, who made their canoes with greater skill than the other Indians and used sails as well as paddles.'

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