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Ladysmith, BC (Nearby: Saltair, Cassidy, Boat Harbour, Chemainus, South Wellington)

  • Dunsmuir Islands
  • Ivy Green Park
  • Kulleet Bay
  • Ladysmith

270 City Centre
Ladysmith, British Columbia
V8C 2H7

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

Description From Owner:
  • Dunsmuir Islands - After James Dunsmuir (1851-1920), founder of Ladysmith, Premier of British Columbia (1900-2) and its Lieutenant-Governor (1906-9). Son of Robert Dunsmuir
  • If Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria was Robert's monument architecturally, Hatley Park west of Esquimalt was James's. Hatley Park was the location of the Royal Roads Military College, now Royal Roads University.
  • Ivy Green Park - After Richard and Ellen Ivey, who settled in the Ladysmith district in 1903 and delivered the rural mail north of that town.
  • Kulleet Bay - From an Island Halkomelem word that may mean 'shelter.'
  • Ladysmith - Originally the anchorage here was known as Oyster Harbour because of the abundant oyster beds on the flats. James Dunsmuir, owner of the nearby coal mines, was having a townsite laid out here at the time of the Boer War.
  • When word was received on 1 March 1900 that the British forces had finally relieved their besieged countrymen in Ladysmith, Natal, Dunsmuir decided to name his new town Ladysmith in commemoration of the event.
  • Ladysmith, Natal (founded in 1851), was named after the wife of the colonial Governor, Sir Harry Smith. Born Juana Maria de los Dolores de Leon, she was of noble rank and a descendant of Ponce de Leon.
  • She was only thirteen when the British Army sacked Badajos in 1812. Their home wrecked by looters, their ears bleeding where their earrings had been torn away, her elder sister and she fled to the British camp to seek officers who would give protection.
  • Sir Harry was captivated by the girl and married her later the same year, just before the Battle of Salamanca, and a very successful and happy marriage it was.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Ivy Green Park

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