Colwood (City) / Dunns Nook / Fisgard Island / Fort Rodd / Royal Roads / Wittys Lagoon

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Colwood, BC (Nearby: Braemar Heights, Glen Lake, Langford, Belmont Park, Albert Head)

  • Colwood (City)
  • Dunns Nook
  • Fisgard Island
  • Fort Rodd
  • Royal Roads
  • Wittys Lagoon

3300 Wishart Road
Colwood, British Columbia
V9C 1R1

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

Description From Owner:
  • In 1851, when Captain E.E. Langford arrived from England to manage the Esquimalt farm of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company, a subsidiary of the HBC, he named the farmhouse Colwood after his home in Sussex.
  • Dunns Nook - This quaintly named cove commemorates Thomas Russell Dunn, MD, surgeon aboard HMS Fisgard when she was here in 1846-7.
  • Fisgard Island - After HMS Fisgard, forty-two guns, in these waters in 1846. Various points and islands in Esquimalt harbour are named after the Fisgard's officers.
  • In fact, just as Victoria's early names are almost all reminiscent of the HBC, so Esquimalt's remind us of the Royal Navy.
  • Fort Rodd - After John Rashleigh Rodd, first lieutenant on HMS Fisgard, on the Pacific Station from 1844 to 1847. Guns were installed here in 1864 to protect Esquimalt harbour.
  • Royal Roads - Originally Royal Bay. The name probably has reference to Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, since this stretch of coast lies between the city of Victoria and Albert Head.
  • 'Roads' is a variant of 'roadstead,' a place where ships may safely lie at anchor close to the shore.
  • Wittys Lagoon - After John Witty, who purchased the adjacent property in 1867.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Royal Roads

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Colwood (City) / Dunns Nook / Fisgard Island / Fort Rodd / Royal Roads / Wittys Lagoon, Phone : (250) 478-5999

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