Sayward (Village) / Hardwicke Island / Hkusam Mountain / Johnstone Strait / Kelsey Bay / McCreight Lake / Naka Creek

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Sayward, BC (Nearby: Hkusam, Hardwicke Island, Port Neville, Matilpi, Minstrel Island)

  • Hardwicke Island
  • Hkusam Mountain
  • Johnstone Strait
  • Kelsey Bay
  • McCreight Lake
  • Naka Creek
  • Naka Creek
  • Sayward

652 H'Kusam Way
Sayward, British Columbia
V0P 1R0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

Description From Owner:
  • Hardwicke Island - After Philip Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke (1757-1834), who seems to have taken an interest in the career of Spelman Swaine, master's mate on HMS Discovery during Vancouver's voyage.
  • Hkusam Mountain - From the Island Comox Indian word for 'having fat or oil,' referring to the Salmon River and the village at its mouth.
  • Johnstone Strait - Named by Captain Vancouver after James Johnstone, master of the Chatham, who, exploring with the Chatham's cutter in July 1792, found for Vancouver this passage linking the Strait of Georgia with the open Pacific to the north.
  • Johnstone first visited this coast in 1787-8 on Colnett's trading voyage with the Prince of Wales. No doubt it was because of the experience that Johnstone had gained on this private venture that Vancouver secured him his post on the Chatham.
  • Johnstone became a captain in the Royal Navy in 1806 and was later a commissioner of the navy at Bombay.
  • Kelsey Bay - After Mr. and Mrs. W. Kelsey, who arrived in the area in 1914 and established themselves and their three daughters at Kelsey Bay in 1922.
  • McCreight Lake - After John Foster McCreight (1827-1913), first Premier of British Columbia (1871-2). From 1880 to 1897, he was a justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
  • A contemporary described McCreight as 'a nervous fidgety queer-tempered man.' On the other hand, Patricia Johnson, his biographer, has praised him, declaring:
  • : 'He stood for integrity in a place and age where success was often judged more important. He stood for discipline in an era of self-expression, and for principle rather than personality.'
  • Naka Creek - From the Kwakwala Indian word meaning 'to drink.'
  • Sayward - After William Parsons Sayward. Born in Maine in 1818, he was a carpenter and lumber merchant in California before moving to Victoria in 1858. He became a very successful lumberman on Vancouver Island.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Naka Creek

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Sayward (Village) / Hardwicke Island / Hkusam Mountain / Johnstone Strait / Kelsey Bay / McCreight Lake / Naka Creek, Phone : (250) 282-5512

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  • Yorke Island

  • The family name of the Earls of Hardwicke.

  • Adam River

  • This river probably received its name from Adam Cove, a name in use as early as 1853. Note the name of the main tributary: Eve River. The Kwakwala Indian name for Adam River is 'He-la-de,' meaning 'land of plenty' with lots of berries, birds, animals, and salmon.

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