Port Hardy (District) / God's Pocket Marine Provincial Park / Goletas Channel / Hope Island / Kains Lake / Keogh River

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Port Hardy, BC (Nearby: Fort Rupert, Coal Harbour, Quatsino, Yreka, Jeune Landing)

  • God's Pocket Marine Provincial Park
  • Goletas Channel
  • Hope Island
  • Kains Lake
  • Keogh River
  • Keogh River
  • Cape Sutil

7360 Columbia Street
Port Hardy, British Columbia
V0N 2P0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

Description From Owner:
  • After Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, RN (1769-1839).
  • As captain of HMS Victory, he held the dying Lord Nelson in his arms during the Battle of Trafalgar. After retiring from the sea, he became Governor of Greenwich Hospital, the home for old sailors maintained by the British government.
  • God's Pocket Marine Provincial Park - Whereas other safe havens known to mariners as God's Pocket have had their names bowdlerized, this one survives unspoiled.
  • Goletas Channel - Goletas is Spanish for 'schooners.' In 1792 Galiano and Valdes named this passage after their two goletas, Sutil and Mexicana.
  • Hope Island - After Vice-Admiral Sir James Hope, Commander-in-Chief of the North America and West Indies Station, RN, 1864-7.
  • Kains Lake - After Torn Kains, Surveyor-General of British Columbia (1891-8). He was ahead of his time in urging phototopographic surveying in mountainous country.
  • Keogh River - This Kwakwala Indian name means 'steelhead river.'
  • Cape Sutil - When Galiano and Valdes passed this way in 1792, they named this cape after Galiano's schooner.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Cape Sutil

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Port Hardy (District) / God's Pocket Marine Provincial Park / Goletas Channel / Hope Island / Kains Lake / Keogh River, Phone : (250) 949-6665

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  • Loquillilla Cove

  • Probably derived from the Kwakwala Indian word meaning 'to fish for halibut.'

  • Nahwitti River

  • Early nineteenth-century references to the Neil-wit-ties, New Whitty, and Newettees suggest the original pronunciation of the first syllable.

    The Kwakwala Indian name possibly refers to the Nahwitti Indians as 'being knowledgeable about tribal history.'

  • Nigei Island

  • Until 1900 this island was known as Galiano Island, and then the name was changed to avoid confusion with Galiano in the Gulf Islands. Captain Walbran notes that Nigei is the hereditary name of the principal chief of the Nahwitti band. Nigei could also come from the Kwakwala Indian word for 'mountain.' The name is pronounced 'nee-gee,' with a hard 'g.'

  • Quatse River

  • Quatse is the Kwakwala Indian word meaning 'on the west side' (of Fort Rupert). It is also the Indian name for Port Hardy which, like the river, is to the west of Fort Rupert.

  • Scarlett Point

  • Named after Sir James Yorke Scarlett, leader of the Heavy Cavalry charge at the Battle of Balaklava, 1854.

  • Shushartie Bay

  • Derived from the Kwakwala Indian word meaning 'where the cockles are.'

  • Tsulquate River

  • From the Kwakwala Indian word meaning 'place of warmth' which has been explained either as 'where the sun first strikes' or as 'where there are hot springs.'

  • Washwash River

  • From the Oowekyala Indian word meaning 'coho all over.'

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