Tahsis (Village) / Haihte Range / Vancouver Island Ranges / Hanna Channel / Hisnit Inlet / Jewitt Cove / Kendrick Inlet

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Tahsis, BC (Nearby: Ceepeecee, Esperanza, Kendrick Camp, Zeballos, Woss)

  • Haihte Range
  • Hanna Channel
  • Hisnit Inlet
  • Jewitt Cove
  • Kendrick Inlet

977 South Maquinna Drive
Tahsis, British Columbia
V0P 1X0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

Description From Owner:
  • Haihte Range - Formerly called Rugged Range. When a new name was needed, an Indian vocabulary list was consulted, and haihte, Kwakwala for 'fish head,' was chosen.
  • Hanna Channel - After Captain James Hanna, who put in at Nootka in 1785 with his fur-trading vessel Harmon, in which he had sailed from China. Hanna, the first white visitor to British Columbia since Cook in 1778,
  • came back for more furs in 1786, this time with the Sea Otter.
  • Hisnit Inlet - From the Nootka Indian word meaning 'place of sockeye salmon.'
  • Jewitt Cove - After the central character in The Narrative of the Adventures and Sufferings of John R. Jewitt, Only Survivor of the Crew of the Ship Boston, during a Captivity of Nearly Three Years among the Savages of Nootka Sound.
  • Actually young Jewitt was one of two survivors when Indians captured the Boston in 1803.
  • Kendrick Inlet - After John Kendrick, who, with his fellow American Gray, traded off this coast in 1788-91. They are said in one instance to have received from the Indians sea otter skins worth $8,000 in return for trade goods worth $100.
  • Kendrick was killed in 1794 when a British ship, accidentally using a loaded cannon to salute the Hawaiian king, sent the shot into Kendrick's ship, the Washington, killing him and several of his crew.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Tahsis (Village) / Haihte Range / Vancouver Island Ranges / Hanna Channel / Hisnit Inlet / Jewitt Cove / Kendrick Inlet, Phone : (250) 934-6344

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  • Maquinna Point

  • Maquinna was the hereditary name of a succession of Nootka chiefs. About 1791 the Spaniards named this point after the most famous of the line, that Chief Maquinna who in 1788 sold a small patch of land on Nootka Island to Captain Meares (see Meares Island). Captain Vancouver met Maquinna in 1792. In 1803 the next Chief Maquinna led an attack on the American ship Boston, massacring all but two of the crew. The last Maquinna to maintain authority over the Nootka Indians died in 1901.

  • Mount McKelvie

  • After Bruce A. Mckelvie (1889-1960), journalist and BC historian. At one time president of the BC Historical Association, McKelvie wrote a number of books, including The Early History of British Columbia, The Pageant of British Columbia, and Maquinna the Magnificent.

  • Nootka Sound

  • Nootka Sound was discovered in 1774 by Juan Perez, who was prevented by poor weather from landing but named the harbour here San Lorenzo. He was followed by Captain Cook in 1778, who bestowed the name King George's Sound. Cook erroneously reported that Nootka was the Indian name for the inlet.

    The most likely explanation of the word nootka is that supplied by the missionary priest Father Brabant, who lived for many years among these Indians. His suggestion is that what the white men heard was noot-ka-eh, the imperative of the Indian verb meaning 'go around!'

    According to Dr. T. Hess of the University of Victoria, the Indians were probably saying nu-tka-piöim, meaning 'go around the harbour.' The Spanish subsequently changed their name to San Lorenzo de Nutka and later to Santa Cruz de Nutka, but the name was soon reduced to plain Nootka.

  • Strange Island

  • After James Strange, a Bombay merchant who became interested in the maritime fur trade. With his two ships and their captains, he visited Nootka in 1786.

  • Tahsis Inlet

  • From the Nootka Indian word meaning 'Jer-ail-at beach' or, in the words of explorer John Buttle, 'where the water travel stops and they have to walk.'

    An old Indian route across Vancouver Island was up Tahsis Inlet and River, then down Nimpkish Lake and River. Jewitt, in the account of his captivity, mentions that early in September 1803 the Nootka Indians, following their usual practice, moved to their autumn and winter quarters at 'Tashees and Cooptee.'

  • Tlupana Inlet

  • After the Nootka Indian chief, Clewpaneloo, whom Captain Vancouver mentioned in his journal.

  • Mount Alava

  • After Brigadier-General Don José Manuel de Alava, the Spanish officer who handed over to the British in 1795 his country's base on Nootka Sound.

  • Bajo Point

  • Bajo is Spanish for 'below.' Malaspina gave the point this name in 1791, probably with reference to the very dangerous reef here.

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