Harrison Hot Springs / Doctor's Point / Mount Breakenridge / Harrison Lake / Sakwi Creek / Sasquatch Creek

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Harrison Hot Springs, BC (Nearby: Kent, Agassiz, Popkum, Cheam View, Rosedale)

  • Doctor's Point
  • Mount Breakenridge
  • Harrison Lake
  • Sakwi Creek
  • Sasquatch Creek
  • Sasquatch Creek

495 Hot Springs Road
Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
V0M 1K0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver, Coast, & Mountains

Description From Owner:
  • Here is the effigy of 'The Doctor,' formerly known as 'Shay,' the local Indian god of the weather.
  • When passing the image, one ensures good weather by tossing into the lake a coin for 'The Doctor.'
  • The original doctor whose name is given to the point may have been Charles Forbes, the medical officer of HMS Topaz, who, in the report on his geological survey of the area in 1860, mentions seeing Shay's effigy.
  • Another explanation is that Shay was not a deity but an Indian shaman or witch doctor who was here turned to stone by the 'Transformer,' who figures in so many Indian legends.
  • Mount Breakenridge - After Sapper AT. Breakenridge, RE, who was engaged in a survey at the north end of Harrison Lake in 1859.
  • Harrison Lake - Named in 1828 by Governor Simpson after Benjamin Harrison, a philanthropic Quaker who was first a director and then, from 1835 to 1839, Deputy Governor of the HBC.
  • For fifty years, without salary, he served as treasurer of Guy's Hospital, London.
  • Story has it that the hot springs were discovered accidentally one wintry day when a boat upset and its occupants, expecting to perish in the icy lake, were amazed to find themselves in warm water.
  • The Indian name for Harrison Lake is anglicized as Pook-pah-Kohtl ('many large spring salmon'); that for the hot springs can be translated as 'boiling water.'
  • Sakwi Creek - ). From the Mainland Halkornelem word meaning 'steelhead place.'
  • From the Mainland Halkomelem word meaning 'steelhead place.'
  • Sasquatch Creek - Stories about the Sasquatch, a giant hairy, wild, and apelike creature, are rife in the area. (See Belle Randall, Healing Waters: History of Harrison Hot Springs and Port Douglas Area.)
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Sakwi CreekSasquatch Creek

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Harrison Hot Springs / Doctor's Point / Mount Breakenridge / Harrison Lake / Sakwi Creek / Sasquatch Creek, Phone : (604) 796-2171

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  • Slollicum Lake

  • Takes its name from nearby Slollicum Lake, which name is derived from the Halkomelem word meaning 'supernatural creature lake.'

  • Weaver Creek

  • After Thomas Weaver, who settled here in 1897. He died in 1947.

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