Powell River (City) / Harwood Island / Haslam Lake / Lois Lake / Scotch Fir Point / Smith Range

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Powell River, BC (Nearby: Westview, Cranberry, Myrtle Point, Wildwood, Van Anda)

  • Harwood Island
  • Haslam Lake
  • Lois Lake
  • Powell River
  • Scotch Fir Point
  • Smith Range

6910 Duncan Street
Powell River, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver, Coast, & Mountains

Description From Owner:
  • Harwood Island - Named by Vancouver, who gave no indication as to whom Harwood might be. Captain Walbran believed that the man in question was Edward Harwood, naval surgeon and numismatics enthusiast, who died in 1814.
  • This Harwood was described as 'a benevolent friend and an elegant scholar.'
  • Haslam Lake - After Andrew Haslam, pioneer lumberman.
  • He bought the Nanaimo Sawmill in 1892, served as mayor of Nanaimo in 1892-3, and was an MLA and MP. In 1906 he moved to Vancouver and set up the provincial government's log-scaling organization.
  • Lois Lake - After Captain Babbington of the tug Lois had obligingly transported some surveyors from Texada Island to Stillwater, they offered to name some geographic feature after him.
  • Babbington vehemently refusing to let them do so, they named this lake after his tugboat.
  • Powell River - After Dr. Israel Wood Powell (1836-1915), first McGill graduate in medicine to practise on the West Coast, first president of the Medical Council of British Columbia, and first Superintendent of Indian Affairs in British Columbia.
  • Born in Colborne, Upper Canada, Dr. Powell came to British Columbia, attracted by the Cariboo gold rush excitement, in 1862. The following year, already a busy medical man in Victoria,
  • he entered politics as an advocate of responsible government and free education.
  • His marriage to Jane Branks in 1865 was a singularly happy one. In 1867 he became superintendent of education for British Columbia. He was an ardent champion of the province's entry into the Canadian confederation.
  • As Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the province, he fought hard for better medical and educational services for the Indians, and in 1876 he took over the medical superintendency himself.
  • In consequence of his active participation in the Victoria militia, we sometimes find him referred to as Lieutenant-Colonel Powell. In 1890 he was named first Chancellor of UBC (as yet nonexistent).
  • In 1881 he made a tour of the BC coast aboard HMS Rocket, whose commander, Lieutenant-Commander V.B. Orlebar, named Powell River and Powell Lake in honour of his passenger.
  • Scotch Fir Point - Named by Captain Vancouver as 'producing the first Scotch firs we had yet seen.'
  • Smith Range - After Private Ernest A. (Smoky) Smith of the New Westminster Regiment, who won the Victoria Cross, 1st October 1944, by holding a bridgehead across the Savio River in Italy.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Powell River (City) / Harwood Island / Haslam Lake / Lois Lake / Scotch Fir Point / Smith Range, Phone : (604) 485-6291

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