Pemberton (Village) / Duffey Lake / Mount Job / John Sandy Creek / Meager Creek / Mount Ronayne

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Pemberton, BC (Nearby: Owl Creek, Mount Currie, Creekside, Pemberton Meadows, Gramsons)

  • Duffey Lake
  • Mount Job
  • John Sandy Creek
  • John Sandy Creek
  • Meager Creek
  • Meager Creek
  • Pemberton
  • Mount Ronayne

7400 Prospect Street
Pemberton, British Columbia
V0N 2L0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver, Coast, & Mountains

Description From Owner:
  • Duffey Lake - After Sapper James Duffy or Duffey (he spelled his name both ways) of the Royal Engineers. He passed this way in 1860 while exploring the route from Lillooet to Pemberton.
  • Mount Job - Dr. Neal Carter, recalling a mountaineering holiday in 1932, noted, 'We named one mountain 'Job Mountain' after the biblical character who was so afflicted with boils, because the moun tain had many volcanic excrescences.'
  • John Sandy Creek - After a Lillooet Indian who was captured by the Chilcotins when a boy.
  • He drifted into the Cariboo, where he killed one of two men who had robbed him and was acquitted at the subsequent trial.
  • He is said to have been given his name of John or Johnny Sandy by a us excise officer in the Port Simpson area. He died about 1937, regarded with awe by the Indians of the Pemberton area.
  • Meager Creek - Centre of British Columbia's most promising area for thermal energy development. Named after J.B. Meager, who owned timber licences on the creek.
  • Pemberton - After Joseph Despard Pemberton (1821-93). A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, Pemberton was brought to this country in 185T by the HBC as Surveyor- General of Vancouver Island, a post that he held until 1864.
  • He travelled widely throughout Vancouver Island and the mainland.
  • In 1857, arriving at Nitinaht on the west coast of Vancouver Island after crossing from Cowichan Harbour on the east, Pemberton was confronted by the Nitinaht chief and his band back from a victory,
  • the bloody heads of their victims mounted on poles, the long black hair waving in the breeze. Stepping forward, Pemberton demanded, in Queen Victoria's name, food and canoes.
  • These he paid for with vouchers scribbled on leaves torn from his notebook. Needless to say, they were scrupulously honoured by the HBC.
  • Pemberton was a civil engineer as well as a surveyor, designing bridges and public buildings. Later in life he founded the real estate firm of Pemberton and Son in Victoria, where Pemberton Road and Despard Avenue are named after him.
  • His daughter Harriet Susan remembered him in her memoirs as 'cheery, bright, and sanguine ... affectionate without ostentation, of a most amiable nature' (BCHQ 8 [1944]:111-25).
  • Mount Ronayne - After John Ronayne, an Irish veteran of the Yukon gold rush who settled in the Pemberton area in 1906.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Pemberton (Village) / Duffey Lake / Mount Job / John Sandy Creek / Meager Creek / Mount Ronayne, Phone : (604) 894-6135

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