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The Gateway Restaurant, Tweed

Tara Prance on 10-May-21
My husband and I ordered the Mother’s Day special and what a treat! The strawberry, pecan, feta, and spring mix salad was fresh and tasty. My husband had the balsamic steak fettuccine Alfredo and said it was excellent. I ordered the lemon chicken entree and it was a generous portion and delicious. However, the real star of the meal was the homemade strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream and fresh strawberries. The portion was huge but both my husband and I gobbled it up! The next day my husband came home from work and said, “ I can’t stop thinking about that cake; it was so good!” We’d love to order the cake for a special occasion, like every Sunday. Thanks Gateway staff for a wonderful meal.

Chudleigh’s Entertainment Farm (OFFMA), Milton

Evan Wee on 10-May-21
I first rated this as 4 stars but now it has to be 5. Chudleigh's is a great place to take your family out for an outdoor activity, especially for younger families. There is quite a lot to see although it is 'just' an apple farm. There are animals on site for viewing and areas for play/photos, so it does leave cozy memories. Lastly, there is a large covered dining area which different food options, some of which are frozen and available to take home for baking. What made me revisit this was the pizza and honey. 1) The pizza is cooked in a wood stove with an awesome dough. So it does take time but darn is it good. My little boy tries a bite and announces out loud 'This is the best pizza in the world!'. I could not disagree. 2) The jar of honey I bought for no particular reason, is one of the most fragrant and complex honies I have tried. It is much, much better than those in mainstream stores and some speciality places. I don't know where they source them from, but I need to get more.

Rock Cut Variety and Take Out, Gilmour

kelly goodman on 10-May-21
This new grocery story is an amazing new store. Don't waste your time going to the one down the street on the 62. The owners are wonderful, very helpful, prices are excellent and the meat is to die for. The owners really take their time chatting with you to make sure you find everything you need and answer all your questions. This little store is a wonderful asset to the Gilmour community. Keep up the great work and we definitely will be telling everyone about you.

Three Roads Farms Ltd. (OFFMA), Peterborough

Sherry Foster on 10-May-21
This place is amazing their pies are exceptional and they have a buffet style freshly cooked menu that is very good and reasonably priced. Definitely need to check this place out. Highly recommended.

Richmond Nursery (OFFMA), Richmond

Beh Yadollahi on 10-May-21
There is a wide variety of items so you’ll likely be able to find what you want. The display could be a bit more organized but overall I’m very happy with the product and services. Priced well and end of season sales are very competitive.

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