Klemtu / Jessop Island / Laredo Sound / Poison Cove / Pooley Island / Price Island / Princess Royal Island

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Hanceville, BC (Nearby: Klemtu, Campbell Island, Bella Bella, Waglisla, Old Bella Bella)

  • Jessop Island
  • Klemtu
  • Laredo Sound
  • Poison Cove
  • Pooley Island
  • Price Island
  • Princess Royal Island

6550 BC-20
Hanceville, British Columbia
V0L 1K0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Description From Owner:
  • Jessop Island - After John Jessop, born in Norwich, England, in 1829, who came to British Columbia in 1859, one of a party of eight men who walked overland from Fort Garry.
  • A teacher and journalist, Jessop founded the first non-sectarian school on Vancouver Island. He was the province's first superintendent of education from 1871 until 1878 and later joined the federal immigration service.
  • Klemtu - Formerly known as China Hat because of the appearance of nearby Cone Island when viewed from the south. This Coast Tsimshian Indian word may mean 'to anchor' (in the secluded bay here), or 'to tie something.'
  • Laredo Sound - Named in 1792 by Jacinto Caamaño, commanding the Spanish frigate Aranzazu. Probably Caamafio had in mind the Spanish port of Laredo on the Bay of Biscay.
  • Poison Cove - Here in June 1793 Captain Vancouver lost one of his seamen, John Carter, who died from eating poisonous mussels.
  • Pooley Island - After Charles E. Pooley (1845-1912), who came to British Columbia via Panama in 1862.
  • For twenty-two years he was a member of the provincial legislature. A leading member of the bar, he grew rich attending to the legal business of the Dunsmuir interests.
  • Price Island - After Captain J.A.P. Price, on this coast in 1866-7 in command of HMS Scout. Later he was a senior officer at Hong Kong.
  • Princess Royal Island - Named in 1788 by Captain Charles Duncan after his trading sloop Princess Royal.
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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Klemtu / Jessop Island / Laredo Sound / Poison Cove / Pooley Island / Price Island / Princess Royal Island,

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  • Roderick Island

  • Named about 1866 by Lieutenant Daniel Pender, RN, in honour of Chief Factor Roderick Finlayson (1818-92). Apparently Pender did not realize that adjacent Finlayson Channel had almost certainly been named after another HBC worthy, Chief Factor Duncan Finlayson.

  • Cape St. James

  • Named by Captain Dixon, who rounded this promontory on St. James's Day (25 July), 1787.

  • Sarah Island

  • After Sarah, second daughter of Chief Factor John Work of the HBC. In 1859 she married another HBC Chief Factor, Roderick Finlayson (note adjacent RODERICK ISLAND).

  • Aristazabal Island

  • Named by Caamaño after Gabriel de Aristazabal (1743-1805), a Spanish naval officer under whom he had served.

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