Tofino (District) / Blunden Island / Harbour / Rock / Passage / Ecowista Peninsula / Grice Bay / Lemmens Inlet

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Tofino, BC (Nearby: Opitsat, Clayoquot, Yarksis, Chetarpe, Marktosis)

  • Blunden Bay
  • Blunden Island
  • Harbour / Rock / Passage
  • Ecowista Peninsula
  • Grice Bay
  • Lemmens Inlet

121 - 3rd Street
Tofino, British Columbia
V0R 2Z0

British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver Island

Description From Owner:
  • After Edward R. Blunden, second master of HM hired surveying vessel Beaver when the ship was making a survey here in 1863.
  • Ecowista Peninsula - Named after a village on its west coast, whose Nootka Indian name can be translated as 'battle place.'
  • Grice Bay - After John Grice (1841-1931), who in 1888 became Tofino's first white settler and later the local justice of the peace. He was 'a well-educated man, a lover of Shakespeare and the classics, and some thing of an astronomer.'
  • Lemmens Inlet - After John Nicholas Lemmens (1850-97), a Dutch priest who, after a number of years as a missionary on the west coast of Vancouver Island, became the fourth Bishop of Victoria (RC).
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

Blunden IslandLemmens Inlet

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Tofino (District) / Blunden Island / Harbour / Rock / Passage / Ecowista Peninsula / Grice Bay / Lemmens Inlet, Phone : (250) 725-3229

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  • Lennard island

  • After Captain C.E. Barrett-Lennard of the Thames Yacht Club, who, with his friend Captain N. Fitzstubbs, circumnavigated Vancouver Island in 1860 in his yacht Templar. His Travels in British Columbia was published in London in 1862.

  • Meares Island

  • After John Meares (1756-1809). Meares, having learned of the enormous profits that Captain Cook's sailors had realized in selling their sea otter skins to the Chinese, made a trading voyage to the Pacific coast in 1786 and a second one in 1788 with the ships Felice and Iphigenia. Putting in at Nootka on this latter expedition, he purchased some land from Chief Maquinna. This he used as a base for the building of the North West America, launched in September 1788.

    Some months later Don Estevan José Martinez arrived at Nootka and declared Meares's purchase null and void since Spain owned Nootka by right of prior discovery. When the North West America next put in at Nootka, she and several other British ships were seized by the Spaniards.

    In May 1790 Meares presented a memorial to the British House of Commons, asking for reparations from Spain. National indignation swept Britain, and war with Spain seemed imminent, but Spain abandoned her exclusive claims to Nootka and agreed to pay Meares an indemnity. In 1790, capitalizing on the Nootka excitement, Meares published his Voyages Made in the Years 1788 and 1789. He was an unreliable person, and his account of his expeditions contains various misrepresentations.

  • Tofino Inlet

  • Named in 1792 by Galiano and Valdes, after the Spanish Hydrographer Vicente Tofiño de San Miguel (1732-95).

  • Tonquin Island

  • After the American vessel Tonquin, which brought around Cape Horn the men, material, and supplies for the founding in 1811 of Fort Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia River. Leaving there, she sailed to Clayoquot to trade for furs, where the insolence of Captain Thorn so outraged the Indians that they seized the ship and massacred all but three or four of the crew. These survivors, before escaping in the ship's boat, lit a fuse leading to the Tonquin's powder magazine. Almost 200 Indians perished when the ship blew up.

  • Vargus Island

  • Apparently named for the Vargas who regained New Mexico for Spain in 1693-4.

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