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North Vancouver, BC (Nearby: North Vancouver (District)), Keith-Lynn, Lower Lonsdale, North Lonsdale, Delbrook)

  • Dam Mountain
  • De Pencier Bluffs
  • Dollarton
  • Fannin Range
  • Fannin Range
  • Mount Fromme
  • North Vancouver

141 West 14th Street
North Vancouver, British Columbia
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British Columbia Tourism Region : Vancouver, Coast, & Mountains

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  • Dam Mountain so named in 1894 for the view it afforded of the waterworks dam on Capilano River.
  • De Pencier Bluffs - After that redoubtable mountaineer the Most Reverend A.UL De Pencier (1866-1949), Anglican Archbishop of New Westminster.
  • Dollarton - After Captain Robert Dollar, founder of the Dollar line of steamships. He once owned a lumber mill here.
  • Fannin Range - These mountains are named after John Fannin (1839-1904), one of the Overlanders of 1862. He was the first curator of the Provincial Museum in Victoria.
  • Mount Fromme - After J.M. Fromme, 'Father of Lynn Valley,' the lumber camp foreman who in 1899 built the first house in the valley. From 1924 to 1929, he was reeve of North Vancouver District. He died, aged eighty-three, in 1941.
  • Goat Mountain - So named in 1894 by a party of hunters who had shot two mountain goats here.
  • North Vancouver - The history of this suburb of Vancouver begins about 1860 when Philip Hicks started a sawmill here. Hicks got so deeply in debt to Sewell Prescott ('Sue') Moody, who supplied him with logs, that he had to let Moody have his mill.
  • A small settlement named Moodyville grew up around Moody's mill. Moody perished in the wreck of the steamer Pacific off Cape Flattery in 1875.
  • Some days after the ship was lost, a piece of wood washed up near Victoria bearing the inscription 'All lost, S.P. Moody.'
  • After Moody's death the mill was managed by Hugh Nelson, one of Moody's partners (see Nelson). In 1902 the name of Moodyville was changed to North Vancouver. The Moody mill stood a little east of the foot of Lonsdale Avenue. (See also Lonsdale.)
  • With permission from G.P.V and Helen B. Akrigg 1997 British Columbia Place Names. UBC Press.

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North Vancouver (City) / Dam Mountain / De Pencier Bluffs / Dollarton / Fannin Range / Mount Fromme / Goat Mountain, Phone : (604) 985-7761

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  • Grouse Mountain

  • Received its name in 1894 when it was climbed by a party including F.A. Cleveland, who became chief commissioner of 'the Greater Vancouver Water District many years later. They named it Grouse Mountain because of the blue grouse they shot on it.

  • Lonsdale (Lower, Middle, Upper)

  • After Arthur Pemberton Heywood Lonsdale, of Shavington Hall, Shropshire. With his kinsman J.P. Fell, he once owned a block of waterfront land extending from Moodyville to the Capilano River. The land was opened to settlers in 1903.

  • Lynn Creek

  • After John Linn (note the correct spelling), one of the contingent of Royal Engineers who came to British Columbia in 1859. He remained in the colony after his unit was disbanded in 1863 and, with his family, lived at the mouth of this creek. He died in 1876.

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